Friday, February 29, 2008

View from the cokpit

Aerial view of Batam Island in Indonesia from the pothole of the helicopter

It was really noisy and windy with one of the potholes opened. In a helicopter you can really tell that it is not moving as fast as a plane

MI 8 helicopter ride

Interior of the helicopter

This was my first helicopter ride. My friend Chris who lives on Batam island Indonesia made some friends from the airport. He was trying to win a deal to upgrade the Batam runway and was going all the way to accomodate them. When they mentioned that there were going to Singapore to buy a TV Chris agreed to put them up at his home. The only catch was that they were not taking a ferry here but hitch a ride on a helicopter.
It seems that a local freight forwarder operates a Russian helicopter between Batam and Singapore. That was how we got a free ride on it.
After starting the blog on our dogs and spending hours going thru my Sony Handycam tapes, I realised that I have shot quite a bit of footage of airplanes in the various airports I have visited. So I have ended spending hours editing the hours of footage to update this blog